Luwra is a header-only library, which means that nothing has to be compiled in order to use it. Simply clone the repository or download it and extract it to a directory of your preference.

For your application to be able to reach the lib/luwra.hpp header file, you must add /path/to/luwra/lib to the list of include paths. With Clang and GCC that is done using the -I/path/to/luwra/lib command-line parameter.

Now you can simply #include <luwra.hpp> in your C++ files and start using Luwra.


This library does not provide a standalone version of Lua nor does it isolate its features. This means that all functions and classes can operate on lua_State (or the alias State). Doing this allows you to integrate Luwra however you like.

Nevertheless, you must have a version of Lua installed. Luwra will include the necessary header files, but it can't link against the Lua library itself.

Reference Manual

A reference manual exists here.